Saturday 22 December 2012

Artist To Check Out: Evan Andree

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There's a chance you may have heard some of Evan Andree's music already without even realising. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the songwriter/producer had his track 'Panic' featured in a recent ad campaign by Nike and has also featured on US TV. His name might be relatively unknown at the moment but that could well change, his sound is fairly universal and crosses genre boundaries, plus a little help from a huge multi-national company is hardly likely to do his cause any harm either, it's an impressive addition to his CV. Evan's been making music for a few years and has covered a variety of bases.

Songs like 'Counselling' and 'O' pursue a more electronic and experimental path, you could say they're more the work of a producer than a songwriter. But if we take new EP 'Invisible Sap' things get far more accessible, mixing this electronic approach with an indie-rock sound, all underpinned with pop melodies. Those comparison favourites The Postal Service have had great success with much the same formula, so maybe Evan Andree can replicate that and eventually push more of his experimental pieces into the public consciousness once he's captured their attention.

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