Tuesday 18 December 2012

The Bordellos - Bring Me The Head Of Justin Bieber EP

EP review by KevW

Poor little Justin. The diminutive pop puppet has hard a hard time recently, what with people plotting to castrate and murder him last week. Plus it was only recently that we featured French artist Eluusif's track 'Justin Bieber Is An Android'. Still, we're sure he's more than happy to have an army of prepubescent Twitter-hoggers to keep the cash rolling in. Liverpool-based band The Bordellos are happy to admit that the title-track of this EP is speaking out against the deluge of ringtone-pop that has all but destroyed the chance of any diversity in the upper echelons of the charts. They're also happy to admit that the fuzz-rock contained in these four tracks (plus a remix) is them living out their own Jesus & Mary Chain fantasy, and we can think of much worse bands to pick as your sonic blueprint.

It's early JAMC we're talking about with 'Bring Me The Head Of Justin Bieber', those crude initial recordings that lit the touchpaper of excitement in so many people's minds when they were battling against their own musical criminals (the brothers Reid never did a song called 'Bring Me The Heads Of Level 42' but we wish the had). They let go of the fuzz in favour of some loose strumming and percussion on the airy 'Dead Semen' but it's only temporary. 'Going Out Tonight' thumps its way into action with a constant, battering beat and there's even a hint of Spacemen 3 in the chugging, distorted riff. If you were in any doubt as to what The Bordellos mission statement is then both the title of 'The Gift Of Noise' and its lo-fi growl should lay it to rest. It's enough to make the Canadian teenybopper's immaculate hair stand on end.

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