Tuesday 11 December 2012

Buffalo Rodeo - Cargo

Single review by KevW

Just reading the name Buffalo Rodeo gives you the impression that you're in for some proper southern-fried rock music from some good ol' boys in stetsons and plaid shirts. You'd be wrong though, because American they may be, but hillbilly guitar music is not what these five are about. Having recently undergone a minor line-up change with the addition of female vocalist Jordan Reynolds, 'Cargo' is the first recording to emerge from the sessions for what will be their debut album with the new member (there are two EPs available by the original quartet). They describe themselves as "progressive indie", and at over seven-minutes long you're well within your rights to expect progression of some sort, or things could quickly become boring.

There's no such problem though, even with this lengthy duration 'Cargo' doesn't outstay its welcome and it doesn't drag at all. The intro dives straight into some soaring "ooohs" and you instantly know this is going to be about a tune, not about tedious extended jams. They make a big noise that hits some grand heights, the verses feel like the prelude to something spectacular and that's exactly what they are. They break the song down just after the four-minute mark but it's no hollow gesture, it's a clever ploy to make the last couple of minutes seem even more huge as they thrash their guitars and batter the drums for a monstrous finale. If this is a sample of the new direction the band are taking then I hope they don't mind if we hop along for the ride.

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