Tuesday 11 December 2012

Impossible Things - Get Ready For IT

EP review by KevW

Impossible Things know how to talk a good game. They boast such ludicrous claims as being "actually quite good" and suggest that this new EP is their "best yet". It's this kind of high level bravado that puts the likes of Jay-Z to shame. Sarcasm aside, it's really quite refreshing to hear a band being humble about their achievements. Formed just over two years ago, their current back catalogue consists of an EP of live recordings and another from 18 months ago which they describe as "old". So there's every possibility that the London quartet have produced their finest work here and what they've made has a fairly standard indie-rock sound that would be more comfortable described as competent rather than mind-blowing, and that seems to be the idea. Impossible Things are as much about the thrill of being in a band and having a go at laying down some decent tunes.

That's exactly what they've done; on this form The Beatles status as the UK's biggest ever band looks safe for a while yet. 'Get Ready For IT' does have good songs on it, in fact all of them are good. The production isn't trendy lo-fi fuzz, nor is it covered in studio techniques that paper over any cracks; this almost feels live and if you're familiar with the first handful of singles released by Ash then the sound of songs like 'Apple Pie' is comparable. 'Diamond Thoughts' has the feel of a demo and this really quite suits them. Using a proper studio as opposed to being recorded "in a loft in Ilford by a man with an allotment" might just take the charm away, but it could also propel these songs to another level, leaving all the indie fans to smugly say they preferred the older stuff. 'Get Ready For IT' it the sound of four people attempting to live their dream and doing so with conviction, so you can't knock that. And as for the music, well, you'd have to say it's actually quite good.

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