Sunday 16 December 2012

Two Hours Traffic - Last Star/Amour Than Amis

Single review by KevW

It's something of a mystery as to why award-winning Canadians Two Hours Traffic haven't made the transition across the Atlantic, especially considering the craze for guitar music at the start of the last decade. It's unlikely that new album 'Foolish Blood' will do much to change that given the current musical climate, although if you like guitars and you like powerpop then come release day on February 19th it could be worth grabbing yourself a copy. Below are a couple of reasons why; recent single 'Amour Than Amis' which is available in exchange for signing up to their mailing list, and also the superbly good 'Last Star' which will instantly catch the ear of fans of Big Star and the bands they inspired.

It has the feel of an epic last track about it despite being in the middle of the running order, so maybe there's something even more anthemic lying in wait. Ether way, it's got a killer chorus and despite being reasonably clean and user-friendly is sure to be irresistible to listeners who look for a little more edge, too. Quite simply it's too contagious to go unnoticed. 'Amour Than Amis' walks a similar path and is also an easy listen, and though it doesn't quite have the impact of 'Last Star' it's not far off. Both tracks would be all over the radio at another time, and maybe in their native Prince Edward Island they are. We'd be foolish to let them pass us by much longer.

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