Friday 21 December 2012

Band To Check Out: Tied To The Mast

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The music scene in Brighton is in rude health right now, we've certainly noticed an influx of bands from around that area catching our ears in recent months. One band contributing to this apparent surge in quality creative activity are Tied To The Mast who have recently released their first album 'Let's Levitate'. DIY to the core, these guys cover everything themselves, from booking gigs, funding recording, promotion, packaging and even shooting their own videos, two of which can be seen below. In terms of sound, Tied To The Mast state that they take influence from quintessentially British bands such as Blur and the Kinks, but also the US alt-rock of Beck, Pixies and Queens Of The Stone Age.

Listening to a few tracks from their SoundCloud page, along with the two songs featured here, their description is pretty much bang on the money. 'Heartbreaker' is pure indie-rock with a prominent riff and echoes of Blur, although it's difficult to pinpoint exactly which era, the song sounds in part as though it could fit onto 'Modern Life Is Rubbish', but is equally reminiscent of their post-Britpop phase when they looked to the American underground for inspiration. You'd have to say it mixes the two very well. Better still is 'Plain Lazy', again with a variety of influences that this time merge to create a more individual sound, and a very good one at that. There may be five of them, but if they continue like this then they may require someone else to help them keep on top of business.

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