Wednesday 19 December 2012

John MOuse - Robbie Savage

Single review by KevW

Now I know what you're thinking, Christmas is the time for novelty singles, so here's some bloke who's written an ode to petulant footballer turned male Barbie ballerina Robbie Savage. In fact this new single by Welsh artist John MOuse has nothing at all to do with it's cover star, simply taking its name from someone mishearing the lyric "Randy Savage" as "Robbie Savage". I guess it kind of stuck and now we have those golden locks and goofy grin staring at us, completely contradicting what is in fact a fairly sad, spoken word ode to broken families from the perspective of a young boy.

Currently recording his fourth album set for release in 2013, John MOuse tackles this subject in the manner of a Welsh hybrid of Ivor Cutler and Arab Strap. Backed by simple piano and maudlin strings, the delivery is almost emotionally barren, reiterating the sadness and resignation of having to speak to your father on the phone because he now lives far away, along with other mundane childhood events like batteries running out on your Walkman or your pet hamster dying. On paper this hardly looks like a glowing recommendation, but in actual fact the lyrics are incredibly well thought out and quite moving, almost like a diary or a poem. So don't be put off by those gleaming teeth, 'Robbie Savage' is an emotional tale worth hearing.

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