Saturday 12 October 2013

Ground Pilots - A Billion Things

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I like things that shouldn't work, but by some wonderful alchemy things blend and mix with a dash of Jager and gin and you find yourself being charmed and delighted. Ground Pilot's single 'A Billion Things' is one of these idiosyncratic gifts that arise when you least expect it.

Take Richard Ashcroft, a slug of The Coral, a dash of '70s soundtracks and you may be close to the sublime cocktail that is Ground Pilots and 'A Billion Things'. It has a loose, irresistible nature to it that charms and delights in equal measures. On the first play there is enough to make you return, then by the third play it is deep in you and won't let go. It grows with each play, unfurling its quiet wonder. And underneath it all is one of the most heartfelt sets of lyrics heard in a long time, circling around "love is worth a billion things I can think of". 'A Billion Things' is a true pleasure.

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