Wednesday 23 October 2013

Matt Churchill - Over Seas EP

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As far as singer-songwriters go, Matt Churchill has many of the right qualities. Firstly he's not jumping on the unexplainable Ed Sheeran/Ben Howard bandwagon which we can only assume is the result of a secretive Illuminati plot to erase all conscious and free thought from our minds, he's been gigging as a solo artist for a decade and employs a DIY ethic, managing himself. Also his influences include Neil Young, Nick Drake, Billy Bragg as well as many noted indie-type bands of the past few decades. So the songs aren't designed for pre-teen girls (not that they shouldn't have music made for them, and not that they all listen to the same thing), they're well-written and nicely recorded; not too heavy on the production, easy to listen to but not too saccharin, plus the addition of a further instrumentation lifts the music out of the mire in which many blokes with guitars exist.

'Over Seas' EP is out on November 5th and leads-off with 'Better City', a song that has the potential to be a magnet for fans of the whole singer-songwriter genre, as well as indie and rock type bands, but also pop fans too. The melodies are strong and there's no attempt to weld on a bite that isn't there. This isn't an EP that has any notions about being cutting-edge, it's more concerned with making good songs, and 'Better City' is definitely one of those. The title-track is more reflective and wouldn't sound too out of place on a Paul Cook & The Chronicles album; it's tender and pretty but never cloying. Finally is 'People Waiting To Happen' is the closest we get to the whole one-man-and-his-guitar thing, but the lyrics and the lack of pretence or a forced big chorus mean that it's far more enjoyable. Fans shouldn't have to wait long for more, this EP marks the second instalment of a trilogy, so fresh material is already on the horizon.

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