Saturday 19 October 2013

Five For Free #236

Honeymilk - Light Entertainment

When we first featured Honeymilk back in May it was beginning to sound like Sweden was embracing the grunge revival as much as anywhere. New single 'Light Entertainment' has that influence as well, particularly in the guitars which they make full use of, but again the tone is slightly more melodic, resulting in a cracking song that's both alternative and accessible. Their album 'Lean On The Sun' is out next month.

Honeymilk's website

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Catch them live:

7th November – 12 Bar Club, London, England
8th November – Cavendish Arms, London, England
9th November – TBA, England

Withershins - A Patient Boy

Illinois band Withershins formed a few years ago with the intention of making music that would fit the post-rock and hardcore genres, with key influences being bands like Mogwai and Idlewild, but gradually they've morphed closer and closer to shoegaze, all the while maintaining a post-rock vibe. 'A Patient Boy' does the slow build quite brilliantly to become a towering tune that acts as stopgap before their third album.

Download 'A Patient Boy' for free by heading here

Withershins' website

Catch them live:

Thu , Oct  24, Cowboy Monkey, Champaign, Illinois

Magistrates - B.T.P.A

Once touted as next big things and achieving plenty of press along with a good CV on the gig front, the band called it quits in 2009. Now Magistrates are back with their first new material in years, and the determination to finish what they successfully started back then. 'B.T.P.A' is typically modern electro-pop with a soulful edge that shows that they thankfully haven't changed course too much.

Download 'B.T.P.A' for free by heading here

Magistrates' website

Wake Island - Submarine

We kind of new Montreal band Wake Island were good when they released an out-takes and B-sides album that included material like this. 'Submarine' is a brand new track that the band recorded during a tour of Europe and the Middle East. With half the band being from Lebanon, shows in Beirut were emotional and politically charged, something you can hear in the experimental post-punk/indie of this song.

Download 'Submarine' for free by heading here

Wake Island's website

Arctice - Compendium

Your late teens and early 20s can be some of the most creative years of your life, and Arctice (aged from 17-20) are proving that with this monumental track called 'Compendium'. It might be over eight-minutes long but it's a changing epic that grows in stature and sound from beginning to end, even bettering 'Agostlay' which we featured before. More of the same will do just fine.

Arctice's website

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