Saturday 26 October 2013

Believer/Law - War Story

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We were beginning to think that with bands like Sleigh Bells, Crystal Castles and The Death Set moving away from their buggered-up synth/vintage computer sounds, that this particular branch of music may have been a small one. Not so when it comes to this single from Believer/Law's debut EP 'Matters Of Life And Death', although there's more to it than that. Once more the first half of the 1980s rears its head; it's as though the music world is determined to re-evaluate every style, sound and scene that those years had to offer. So take some abrasive and industrial electronics and snappy retro beats and mix them in too, and then produce it to sound angry and biting.

That's pretty much all the component parts of single 'War Story', although the war it refers to sounds more like a futuristic, 'Mad Max' style post-apocalyptic wasteland than anything we've experienced before. A track like this should feel icy cold and forbidding, but somehow Believer/Law add some form of humane edge to all the discord and scree. It's actually surprisingly warm and easy to listen to, but the same could be said for Crystal Castles; they'd never have got so big had they not had that side somehow hidden in their songs. It's a puzzle as to how this Brooklyn group manage it, but they do, and we approve.

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'Matters Of Life And Death' is out next week via Chondritic Sound

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10/30 New York, NY @ Nothing Changes (Home Sweet Home) w/ You

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