Sunday 13 October 2013

Tennis Bafra - Snail Is Slow/DNA Express

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I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again: it's amazing how bands can pass you by for so long, especially bands that create a form of music that you've personally been a fan of either currently, in the past, or both. Tennis Barfa are a Swedish band who formed in 1993, (just when I was getting right into this variety of music) and by the sounds of it they've remained pretty unchanged when it comes to style. So all those alt-rock and post-grunge bands from that era I was about to liken them to suddenly become irrelevant. Tennis Barfa were one of those bands, and in their own words, they haven't reformed, because they've never split up. Those twenty years however, haven't really produced much music. They started, then kind of went into hibernation for a long time.

Well now they're back and will release their second album next year, with this double A-side single acting as a forerunner. A break from recording has been taken to play shows in Germany and get the video for the single made, so they're sharpening themselves up on all fronts, ready to take on the world again. As well as being a correct statement (in comparison with other animals of a similar size that is), 'Snail Is Slow' also an enjoyable thrash through some guitar distortion and punky stylings. It could be from 1993, it could be from any time since, but it's from now and thanks to the enthusiasm they throw into it, it sounds fresh and new, not a dated band trying to relive past glories. 'DNA Express' peels away the grunge veneer a touch, but it still has that same thought and enthusiasm. In fact the added melody and less common style could make it the pick of the two. Tennis Bafra don't sound like a twenty year-old band, they sound like a band of twenty year-olds.

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