Wednesday 16 October 2013

Happy Noose - Amagosa

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And so it continues to gain momentum. You can say what you like about future scenes and new sounds but it's likely that on the guitar front, 2014 is going to see a huge resurgence of post-punk, hopefully to the point where it starts to tickle the underbelly of the charts again. The oft mentioned death of "rock" and associated genres has been an obvious myth for ages, but the truth is these genres have sold less. That doesn't equate to being less popular. For example, you can listen to the new single from Happy Noose on this very page for free, and you can love it as much as you want, but it won't count as a sale. Until the general public are back onside that won't change, but from what we can tell the sounds being created are changing.

Yeah, so post-punk is on it's way to middle-age as a genre, but pop is much older and that still enjoys success in new forms. We've mentioned many bands leading the way in the post-punk revival recently, and Happy Noose are in with a shout of getting a piece of the action. They may be from the home of grunge, but this darker sound with slight gothic undertones gives off a different aura, one that will recall Bauhaus, The Cult, Sisters Of Mercy and more, whilst also sounding comparatively contemporary, which could just be what people will be after should the ball keep rolling in this direction. So 'Amagosa' might not be the last we hear from this lot.

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