Tuesday 22 October 2013

Super Squarecloud - Fuzi-Miao

Single review by jay@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk


Remember when there were records that made you smile as you danced to them? For they housed simple, quirky shots of joy in them that were just utterly irresistible and made you gurn? Even if you don't it doesn't matter, for the latest single from Super Squarecloud does just that. 'Fuzi-Miao'  has vibrant pop seams which are charmed, no, purred into existence with some simply marvellous "miaos" all the while the angular, modular, deliciously crunching guitar worms into you.

By the time you hit the Zappa-boning-The-Mars-Volta furry freak-out, you are jumping like a flea on acid. By the third play you are coughing up fur balls and "miaowing" along. Then there are some sumptuous squelching synths that bring the smile back as you hear a gently whispered "...3,4" and you are funked, freaked outside your head to the songs climactic end. 'Fuzi-Miao' claws into you and has you waiting for the forthcoming album like a cat likes fish, or cream, or......

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THU 24 OCT New Cross Inn, London, UK
FRI 01 NOV Unknown venue, Oxford, UK
FRI 08 NOV Winchester Gate, Salisbury, UK
SAT 23 NOV The Museum Of Computing, Swindon, UK

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