Thursday 17 October 2013

Big Scary - Not Art

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Don’t underestimate the power of two when it comes to sonic punches above the collective band member weight. White Stripes, Mess Hall, Japandroids, and then there are the slacker lilts of Melbourne mates Joanna Syme and Tom Lansek who form melodic indie duo Big Scary. 'Not Art' is their second full-length album, and if you thought it was a cliché to suggest that here is where serious contenders need to establish their cred and five-year plan; Tom and Jo unashamedly tackle your scepticism by baring their little souls to ensure they can sleep over permanently.

First single 'Luck Now' is beautifully fractured beats with pretty piano (an instrument used to great and accomplished effect throughout) spelling out a breakup that deserves to be turned up in the car. "See that I'm losing the heart/losing more heart every day/I remember the heat of the sun and the sound of my feet as I walk away..." a resigned lyric so unapologetically sad the video even features boy burying his heart in the backyard for girl to find..

Harmony sometimes brings drummer Jo to the fore - her vocals not strong but so unpretentious you feel as if you're eavesdropping on your neighbour as she sings about "really hating this episode"... she does far, far better in stand-out epic 'Why Hip Hop Sucks In '13', a song that belies its title with a soft melancholy that weaves around the house like good incense Are my eyes open? Or am I still dreaming of you? Where their debut 'Vacation' was a far more fun and relaxed mixtape of genres, 'Not Art' treats you to a cohesive, linear sadness and confident musicality to justify and stoke your Monday morning blues.

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SAT 28 DEC The Falls Music & Arts Festival 2013
Lorne, VIC, Australia
SUN 29 DEC The Falls Music & Arts Festival 2013
Marion Bay, TAS, Australia
TUE 31 DEC The Falls Music & Arts Festival 2013
Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

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