Monday 14 October 2013

Forest - Coaster

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It's songs like this that will mean that guitar-pop and indie music of this nature will always have a fanbase. In much the same way that there will always be disciples of thrash-metal of the variety I liked for about two-minutes when I was about twelve, there will always be people who get a massive buzz from the rush of guitars and melody combined in an non-indulgent way that bands like Forest have given us here. The very basis of the beat explosion was bands who took pop music and made it more exciting. They kept the irresistible melodies found in other pop music and gave it some edge, some passion, some excitement. That's why we went from having Herman's Hermits as a band to rival The Beatles, to them being surpassed by those early tracks by The Kinks, The Who, The Beatles themselves and many others within a year.

Guitars and melody that aren't just a soppy mush that your Gran would have liked have been in existence ever since. From the psych and garage scenes, through glam and punk and post-punk and new-wave and C86 and shoegaze and on and on and on. It won't lie down and die. Listen to 'Coaster' and you'll know why. It's a little bit of everything we've just listed and it could be from 2003, it could be from 1993, it could be from 1983... it's classic, it's timeless. Barriers are intact and wheels remain just as they have been forever, but that doesn't matter, this is a winning formula. Tried, tested, and tested again. As long as you can write a good tune and have the vitality and talent as a band to give it that extra boost you won't go wrong, and this song proves it.

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Oct 16 The Mothers' Ruin, Bristol, UK
Oct 22 Buffalo Bar, London, UK

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