Wednesday 30 October 2013

Lily & Madeleine - The Devil We Know

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It's a little frustrating knowing that when I was 16 or 18 I couldn't play a single chord, let alone compose a decent song. In fact at twice that age I still can't. So this just proves that you either have the talent or you don't, and teenage sisters Lily & Madeleine have it by the bucket-load. Their self-titled debut album is out this week and includes recent single 'The Devil We Know' which now has a studio-filmed video to go with it. There may be other players, and in Kenny Childers of Gentlemen Caller a long-time collaborator, but this track feels very much like the work of these two prodigious sisters. Vocally and instrumentally they're both streets ahead of most others who deal in this particular style already.

It's this that makes 'The Devil We Know' all the more impressive: really this is the kind of folky, alt-country/indiepop that so many bands are boring us to tears with, but in Lily & Madeleine's hands it becomes something of rare beauty; vibrant, fresh, irresistible. Perhaps that's what's been needed all along. Out with the old-guard and in with exciting new talent who don't have the inhibitions to become bogged down in the genre's standard format. 'The Devil We Know' isn't the first song they've impressed with and is unlikely to be the last, we just hope that they never get forced to break from what they want to do and be stylised into something different, because as it stands they're one of the most exciting new duos we've heard.

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08 Nov Arlington, VA, IOTA
07 Dec Detroit, MI, Detroit Institute of Arts

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