Friday 25 October 2013

Pale Grey - Seaside

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There's something very fitting about the light-hearted video to Belgian band Pale Grey's new single 'Seaside' and the items it features. It isn't clear whether or not it's actually set in the past, but it revolves around band members riding an exercise bike in a mock-up of more tropical climes while watching an episode of Baywatch. Also included are vinyl records and cassette tapes (original ones, not the current trendy new breed), VHS videos, vintage sportswear and more. It's fitting because the song is a laid-back, almost plodding indiepop number that could have been made way back when, with perhaps only the more modern production preventing it sounding too much like a relic. Either way, it's classic guitar music that's completely not suited to this time of year. Perhaps that's why the beach scene is a plastic mock-up.

The lyrics talk of everything beachy. Waves, birds (probably in both senses of the word if the video is anything to go by), kites, sunlight and so on. There are some lovely instrumental breaks that throw a few electronics into the mix, but like the rest of the song, everything is tempered, nothing goes over the top. The beat is simple and solid, the guitars plucked easily, the bass comfortably plodding by and the vocals relaxed as though they're soaking up the sun. It's a good song and one that's easily absorbed. If you want the added humour then check out the video, if not, the song works just fine as it is, however amusing it is to see a tissue being pulled from the box right at the end...

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Catch them live:

07/11/2013 Maison de la Culture, Namur - BE
16/11/2013 CC Welkenraedt, Welkenraedt - BE
29/11/2013 Lune des Pirates, Amiens - FR

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