Monday 28 October 2013

Half Loon - Swearword

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You know that point where you're in the hottest bath, and for no other reason than that you can, you slip under the water, becoming totally cocooned in the womb-like warmth and all you can hear is the soft pounding of your heart and the gentle whoosh of the blood ebbing and flowing in your veins. You open your eyes and the familiar sights of the bathroom are suddenly far away and everything is swaddled in a view that is at once lysergic, melded with the clarity of a viewpoint of a brave, singular, new world? (No, then you should try it. Absinthe will make it easier to reach.) Then the soundtrack to this experience is the newest sound from Half Loon.

If you want a taste of normality, point of views, then look to Syd Barrett, MGMT, The Zombies and Flaming Lips. Then if that is just a little too straight, start running that bath and pouring that delectable green liquid. For this is this sound of 'Swearword' and I am going to go for the latter. If I don't come up for air, don't worry, for I am smiling wherever I'll be.

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