Monday 14 October 2013

Boss Cloth - Followers of the Cloth

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Some of my favourite new bands of the year are duos and now I can add the supermuffuzzbomb one-two of Boss Cloth to this list. With a bowel-shakin' riff lasering off your eyebrows you're welcomed in. Like Buzzo bathing in the blood of Iommi and Wino you are sent to snow-blinding nirvana within the first taste of opening track on 'Followers of the Cloth' EP, 'Lapdog'. Have to warn you it is probably best to play this while sat away from any objects that you value, and most certainly not while driving an ambulance and slugging down methamphetamine. For 'Lapdog' WILL get you flailing around, wherever you are, and breaking shit. Until all is left is your sweating, pulsating carcass. Following 'Lapdog''s sludge-filled wonder of frenetic glory is 'Dancer'. Take a hit of early PiL blended with another gargantuan riff with hairy ones the size of the Empire State, then imbibe it with a groove so deep the Mariana Trench seems like a pothole, and you have the utter dancefuck-a-thon that is the mighty 'Dancer'. It is a loon-eyed behemoth, a whirling dervish of hair, sweat and spittle.

'Woohoo' is propelled on a groovestatic delight so fucking huge that Josh Homme must be feeling defiled and dejected wishing he had this one. Then there is the aural marvel the is the culminating "woohoos". Like Wonder Woman getting down and dirty with a Megatron-sized phallus, these are a sensationally raw, MDMA-drenched set of "woohoos" that climax you so hard and fast. Then you eyes are forced out of your nostrils with the punishing punkiod rippage that is closer 'Me And You'. Marvellously it is a song of seduction, glamour, desire... nah, it's about seeing that girl and just wanting to pound her like Jason Statham wired to a nuclear reactor for 'Crank 3'. A pure Sabbath grind closes out this dirty, malevolent beast that leaves you wanting it again, only harder, louder and deeper. So you play again, until your ears bleed...

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Sat 19th Oct The Rolleston, Swindon
Thu 24th Oct The Victoria, Swindon

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