Sunday 13 October 2013

Toy Cities - Nostalgia Kills

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I've never heard of firing squads opting for water balloons instead of guns before, but I like it. Much more humane, and nobody actually gets killed. I'd guess it's up to the viewer to choose their own sentiment to this video to the new single by Toy Cities, but there's a lot of symbolism there, not least one of the captured men making a run for it, only to be caught and seemingly about to be finished off by one last water balloon. But then the balloon explodes in the captor's hand, whether deliberate or by accident isn't clear, but instead it's him who falls to the ground, leaving the prisoner to make his escape. You can take it as fun and entertaining or deep and symbolic. That's your choice.

Toy Cities formed in Brooklyn last year and have a sound that matches many of their contemporaries in style. It's part dreampop, but also has elements of more straightforward pop from a couple of decades ago, all the while staying as an alternative rock track. We're all used to music transcending boundaries now, and while this isn't wildly experimental, it does cross borders and has the potential for a wide reach. Its overall non-mainstream sound may prevent platinum discs, but 'Nostalgia Kills' is the band's first single from their debut EP, so any longevity or possible sales potential is difficult to gauge. They have the most important aspect right though, they've recorded a good song, so if they continue like this then who knows where it might take them.

Toy Cities - Nostalgia Kills from Nikolai Vanyo on Vimeo.

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