Saturday, 12 October 2013

Bright Young People - Liberties

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And so I have found the soundtrack to my weekend already, and it's not even lunchtime on a Friday. This is a pulverising hit of street-walking, fuzz-bombed Iggy dancing with the BMRC. It wears shades at all times, Ramones-tight jeans and Lou Reed 'Transformer' leather. This is that cool. This is that good. This is Bright Young People and there debut single 'Liberties'.

The groove simply rips your head off and embeds itself straight into your Vegus Nerve. It infects every molecule, every atom in you. Transforming, mutating you into the distillation of all that is great, good and seductive about rock'n'roll. You will become a ghost rider on a hellfire bike heading into the glorious heart of the night to drink, dance, ooze carnal spirit, then drink more than is possible while never taking those Raybans off. Fuck it that the sun is high and shining, I am taking my first slug and putting 'Liberties' on repeat, loud enough for it to consume the neighbourhood. B-side 'Woe' is a righteous howl of pure rock n' roll like Bill Haley feed on a diet of brimstone, dirty speed and S&M. Bright Young People better have more of this for us, for they have shot us up with a hit so good that you have to have more.

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