Thursday 31 October 2013

Reporters - Meet Me In The Morning

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This year, perhaps more than any I can remember, there have been teenagers picking up guitars and making various forms of rock n' roll music. And we're not talking about Jake Bugg. The Strypes have announced themselves in a big way, and Misty Miller looks set to do the same next year. Add to that list young bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen, Jungle Doctors, Two Jackal, Foreign Talks, Lily & Madeleine and more, and it starts to become clear just how premature those "death of guitar music" statements were. Some of these acts are retro, some are very modern and unique. Well stick Milton Keynes duo Reporters on that list. This is a drummer and a guitarist/vocalist, so this is the bit where we compare them to The White Stripes and The Black keys, right?

Nope. This isn't raw blues-rock, indeed it was difficult to believe there were only two of them creating this sound until watching the video. Dan Stock and Josh Ringsell favour an indie-rock sound, perhaps one that's more inspired by The Libertines and others of that ilk; they will possibly serve as the closest comparison, the difference being that 'Meet Me In The Morning' is less shambolic. It's still driven by clattering drums and electrified guitar chords though. They don't particularly have individuality on their side in that respect, but this is just a band starting out. What they do have is an ear for a tune and a great understanding of how two people can be in tune with each other well enough to create such a complete sound with such a small set-up. It'll be interesting to see how these guys develop (and how many jokes people can find that will somehow compare them to Editors...).

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