Sunday 20 October 2013

Tied To The Mast - Melissa

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Can we take this new single from Brighton band Tied To The Mast as an indication that they may have a new album in the pipeline? They haven't gone so far as to say that much yet (well, not to us anyway), but it's been nearly a year since debut album 'Let's Levitate' prompted us to give them a Band To Check Out feature, so, depending on other projects, they've had the time to ready some new tunes. We know they're quite prolific since their first outing came just a year after they formed. Either way, 'Melissa' is a new track that will be available from tomorrow. We also know that the band are almost heroically DIY, being their own booking agents, managers, producers, promoters and also arranging their own packaging and shooting their own videos.

If 'Melissa' continues their in-house ethics then it cements the fact that they're a talented bunch. OK, so we haven't seen the packaging and there may be no video yet, but the song sounds pretty immaculate. They wisely shun the lo-fi sounds that have dominated the indie world for probably a bit too long now, and instead have opted to make this track closer to mid-period Catherine Wheel (for those who don't know, a '90s shoegaze band who turned more rocky towards the second half of the decade and were generally amazing) or any other accomplished alt-rock band you care to mention. It's impossible to fall into the trap of thinking they're aiming for Wembley Stadium either; yes this is a big song, yes the production is to a high standard, but they still sound like outsiders, not part of the establishment, and to be quite honest, it suits them down to the ground.

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