Sunday 13 October 2013

Kim Janssen - Britten (redone)

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With this new version of Kim Janssen's song 'Britten' and its new video we're promised a glimpse of the man as we've never seen or heard him before. Too right! But that's through simply not knowing who Kim Janssen was up until this moment. If we're talking the population in general, I won't be in a minority, but if we're talking the alternative music world then this really is an artist whose work I should know by now. In the past three years he's toured the UK, North America and Europe, playing over 400 shows. Plenty of people will be familiar with this man's music, either with his Major Cities Orchestra or his other band The Black Atlantic. So apologies for the lack of knowledge. This does though, give me the opportunity to listen to this songs and watch this video with no preconceived notions whatsoever.

In the dark of night, in a dimly but beautifully lit forest, Kim performs this new version of Britten (originally on his EP 'The Lonely Mountains') hunched over synths and other electronic equipment while angelic voices lead us into the song. There's a string section too, and under those lights it looks like a fairytale and doesn't sound too different from one either. This is a modern form of electro-pop, one that relies on organic sounds as well as the electronics. Real drums join the strings and those pure vocals and lead us on a journey that's simply lovely. Listening to the song without the video is great, and personally I often find that videos can detract from songs, possibly in the same way that people say that they prefer the book to the film: it leaves more to your imagination perhaps. However, this is a rare occasion where checking out the visuals is a must.

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Catch him live:

Oct 31 Luxor Live, Arnhem, Netherlands
Nov 08 Wohngemeinschaft, Köln, Germany
Nov 12 TBA w/ Phill Reynolds, Fara, Vicentino, Italy
Nov 16 Beatpol w/ Sam Amidon, Dresden, Germany
Nov 17 Bedroom Disco, Wiesbaden, Germany
Nov 18 Action House, Heidelberg, Germany
Nov 19 House show w/ Bernard and Bianca (SE), Bonn, Germany
Nov 20 Musik Bunker, Aachen, Germany
Nov 21 Herr Nilsson w/ Hannaford, Dusseldorf, Germany
Nov 22 Noon, Bremen, Germany  
Nov 23 Explore The North Festival, Leeuwarden, Netherlands
Nov 27 Café Central, Magdeburg, Germany
Nov 28 Astra Stube, Hamburg, Germany
Nov 30 Wärmehalle Süd, Leipzig, Germany

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