Sunday 13 October 2013

Kashmere Club - Reunion

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KHOY MUSIC is a new project that's aiming to be both a music blog and a record label with the mission of uncovering new talent. Oh, and before anyone asks, with a backlog of over 1000 releases to review, we won't be stepping into the world of distributing and selling music as well, unless we can somehow figure out how to slow time down by an excessive amount. It's a good idea and we wish them well, anyone who's trying to give a leg-up to undiscovered talent gets a thumbs up from us. The first act that they're promoting to the world are Kashmere Club, a blues-rock trio from Melbourne's fruitful streets. They already have a debut EP out there, but are hoping to get a little further with the new material.

As fairly traditional blues-rock goes they're doing a fine job. There's vigour here and an element of determination to their sound; always a good sign that a band's hearts are really into what they're doing. 'Reunion' has all the right ingredients to satisfy you cravings for some rugged guitar, crashing drums and a little swagger. They even throw in a guitar solo without it sounding in any way indulgent, and this can be a rarity in the muso world of blues-rock. So whether this song shows a marked improvement on past material we don't know, they're a new name to us, but as guitars gradually ease themselves back into fashion, more established sounds like those created by Kashmere Club could find themselves enjoying a bit more success.

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  1. These guys will be supporting White Summer at their single launch - would be a sick show!