Sunday 13 October 2013

Michael Pink - Northern Girls

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Although he's been writing and recording songs for a few years now, Michael Pink is still relatively unknown outside of his hometown of West Fargo in North Dakota. Have a scout around his website and you'll find plenty of songs, so he's got quite a portfolio already, now all that's needed is a means to get them spread around a little further. You can stream a few older tracks and grab a free download from Reverbnation, but judging by this tune that landed in our inbox there's every chance that if he got some tracks on iTunes or even an EP on Bandcamp that a little more interest would be sparked.

It doesn't take a genius to guess who his influences are. This is guitar-pop that takes in classic alt-rock and powerpop bands from American music's past, updating them with fresh tunes but much the same timeless sound. Big Star and The Replacements are both noticeable in his style, along with more contemporary bands that range from Guided By Voices and Scots Teenage Fanclub to the current blue-collar rock scene. It's not just writing and singing that Michael Pink does to a high standard, he covers all the instruments on his music too. In short, he's a talented chap and it's surprising that he's still so unknown.

Michael Pink's website

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