Monday 14 October 2013

Lionface - Blue Heart Rate

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It is oft said that "resistance is useless", and this applies so well to Lionface's new single 'Blue Heart Rate' that you may as well have it tattooed across your forehead. This is a sonically stunning hit, so irresistible that it will leave you with no choice but to succumb to it's kaleidoscopic fuelled majesty. Lead-track of her upcoming EP 'Beast', it entices you in with some hushed soundscapes and seductive, whispered tones. Slightly deeper in and a shuffling beat envelopes you, then you are floored with the barely controlled maelstrom, of mesmerising, compelling delight that is 'Blue Heart Rate'.

It has a a bite so deep that it doesn't let go. When finished it brings out a hunger so raw that it is only abated with many more listens. Like Shirley Manson slam-dancing with The Naked And Famous while Kate Bush and Trent Renzor make some erotic pact to dominate you, this will barely fulfil you while you wait to hear the full EP in a few weeks. It can't come quickly enough.

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Catch them live:

THU 31 OCT Bread And Roses, Plymouth, UK
FRI 01 NOV Upstairs at The Garage, London, UK
SAT 02 NOV Exchange, Bristol, UK
SUN 03 NOV The Full Moon, Cardiff, UK

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