Monday 14 October 2013

MT WARNING - Youth Bird

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On the outside, Australian duo MT WARNING are an interesting concept. Film-maker Taylor Steele was watching a solo show by musician Mikey Bee, and being intrigued by the performance the two got chatting about how music may sound in different situations or by people going through certain experiences. A spark ignited and the two began collaborating as MT WARNING, experimenting with taking different sections of film and then creating music to fit them. I guess in a similar way to how film scores are created, although reading the notes, of which there are much more on Facebook, does indicate a slightly different approach.

So far the pair, along with the musicians they assembled, have released just a handful of recordings, and the latest is the self-released 'Youth Bird'. If the thought of what is essentially part of a soundtrack is a little of-putting to regular music fans, then you have nothing to worry about. 'Youth Bird' is really an indie/electro track that shares much with contemporary sounds of a similar nature. It may be worth investigating past tracks or the rest of this EP and dissecting the lyrics to find the full story for those inclined to do so, but if it's simply a decent alternative pop tune that you're after than 'Youth Bird' won't let you down at all.

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Jan 31 St. Jerome's Laneway Festival, Brisbane, Australia
Feb 01 St. Jerome's Laneway Festival, Melbourne, Australia
Feb 02 St. Jerome's Laneway Festival, Sydney, Australia
Feb 07 St. Jerome's Laneway Festival, Adelaide, Australia
Feb 08 St. Jerome's Laneway Festival, Fremantle, Australia

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