Sunday 13 October 2013

Odonis Odonis - Are We Friends

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The bone-crunching intro to this song doesn't need to tell you twice that you're in for some noise-pop/rock on this one. Completing the intro is some form of instrumentation, possibly including guitars and bass, that are put through what could be an array of effects pedals until they more closely resemble a load of powerful engines starting up than a song. This sounds more like being at war than music. It's blistering stuff though. If you want a description then Odonis Odonis offer up "industrial surf-gaze", which I guess kind of fits. It fits as well as anything else would, put it that way. They have a sound of their own on this one, although it may appeal to fans of everyone from A Place To Bury Strangers to Crystal Castles. I think "abrasive" is the right word, although that may be an understatement.

The group who we think are based in Toronto have thrown out a trio of releases in the last few weeks to coincide with their forthcoming appearances at CMJ. If they're anything like they are on record when they perform live then expect music hype to follow. In fact, if NME pick a top 20 bands they saw a CMJ then I'll have a pint on them including this lot in the list. That is assuming they send a writer along, which really they should. Odonis Odonis have the edge, originality and mystery to become a talked about band, to probably get signed up to one of the bigger independent labels soon and to follow it up with an acclaimed album. Let's just hope that the right people attend the gigs, and if you're in the area and haven't fallen off any fiscal cliffs or anything, the dates are listed below.

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Catch them live:

Oct 17 CMJ, Brooklyn, NY  
Oct 18 CMJ, New York, NY
Oct 19 CMJ, Brooklyn, NY
Nov 29 The Baltimore House, Hamilton, Canada
Nov 30 APT, London, Canada  
Dec 01 NEW FWEST, Guelph, Canada

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