Wednesday 16 October 2013

Senile Crocodile - Traampwalk

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A little while back we gave you the mind-bent, altered-ego, twisted-pleasure of Senile Crocodile and their self-titled EP. What I didn't realise at the time, is that those pockets of exploding fantastic ear hooks will burrow into you and feed on your cortex if not listened to as a fairly frequent occurrence. In fact I have found myself becoming more and more familiar with the fantastical frequency upon which those mini-kaleidoscopic supernovas work. They truly may be some quiet brainwave-bending aural charmers... see I am already halfway lost in Senile Crocodile's phantasmagorical world just with a few words written.

Thankfully, I needed to not have feared too much for my brain patterns, as they are aligned once more to furry freak setting with the Crocodile's latest offering 'Traampwalk'. It is as infectious as zombie bite from an infected labradoodle. It will have you leaning and lurching, shakin' your twisted booty to its stomping, fabulously funked-out, loon-eyed groove, coming on like the George Clinton dry humping Pond. Then Senile Crocodile unleash their ultra-mega-secret-weapon-a-tron, a hook so big and shiny, so bright and crystalline that the Titanic coulda been saved if it had been lashed to it. Even though I was waiting for it this time, 'Traampwalk' worms so wonderfully deep into your psyche that I fear that I may have already played it over and over until it seems the dog is now singing along. In fact the dog is singing along. Think I'll play it again.... it is, strangely, that marvellously good.

TraampWalk by Senile Crocodile from Ballooning Brain Records on Vimeo.

Senile Crocodile's website

'Traampwalk' will be available as a free download from November 1st, probably from Bandcamp

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