Friday 18 October 2013

Wild Swim - New Dawn

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Here, have another unusual and baffling video to feast your eyes upon and try to figure out. And if you manage to, please don't hesitate to let us know. Now that minor gauntlet has been thrown down, let's have a quick recap on Oxford band Wild Swim. After playing together for several years the quintet finally released their debut single almost exactly a year ago. Our general thought about the song and band as a whole was that there was an awful lot of potential there. It may not have transformed into headlining Glastonbury or whatever yet, and it's probably not mainstream enough for that at the moment anyway, but subsequent tracks 'Bright Eyes' and 'Another Night' confirmed our initial opinion. Following a few months gap, we get another single on Monday, 'New Dawn'.

Once more this is a form of experimental indie-type music that's structured and arranged in a near-immaculate way. Wild Swim aren't keen on just knocking out a riff, sticking a standard beat on it and then cobbling together some banal lyrics. They're in a different class of music than that (and that's not to say that traditional rock/pop can't still be brilliant) and they do this without pretension and without arrogance. It's simply the way the band have evolved to create songs in their years together. There's a very good chance that when they finally get an album out there, the world (well, the music world anyway) will stand up and take notice. Closing the Pyramid Stage might be out of the question at the moment, but rave reviews and even a Mercury nomination are both well within their grasp.

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Jan 25 O2 Academy 2 Oxford, Oxford, UK

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