Friday 18 October 2013

Dead Gaze - Brain Holiday album preview

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You're probably thinking that with a name like Dead Gaze you already have a reasonable idea of what the music sounds like. It's got fuzz-rock and (almost literally) shoegaze written all over it. Well you're assumptions are correct although it's not quite as simple as that. 'Brain Holiday' is out next week and is the first proper album by Cole Furlow's project, following a self-titled singles compilation earlier this year. America has been in love with noisy guitars for a while now, although California, New York and Texas have led the way. Now it's Mississippi's turn to join in. Ignoring the straight-ahead buzz of some other tracks are songs like the gorgeous 'Stay, Don't Say' which is an acoustic track rolled up in a series of cosmic sound effects and it a really treat to listen to, so if the thought of more scree is a bit much for you then songs like this will surely win you over instead.

On the more upbeat, distortion side of things we have 'Rowdy Jungle' which is written as though it was a twenty year-old college-rock song and then dressed up in more modern clothes. This is more electric, more fuzzy, but still a pop song at heart; it has a memorable chorus and the vocals are allowed to stand at the front, not get swallowed up by excessive noise. A real highlight for those looking to satisfy their cravings for all things psych/kraut/gaze and so on is 'Runnin On The Moon'. Here it's the arrangements that tranform a good song into a great one. The brass sounds wonderful, as does the occasional piano and subtle electronics that sporadically peep through in the background. It's one for listening to if you like attention to detail. It's also quite majestic and should resonate well with a wider range of tastes than some of the other tracks. Another quality guitar band arrives on the scene...

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