Sunday 13 October 2013

Wolf & Cub - Can't Remember The Last Time

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The third album from Australian band Wolf & Cub was released on Friday 13th September. Such a superstitious day, often associated with bad luck and tragic events seems like it was made for the band to drop their latest record on. Still, they probably didn't need to wait four years for a Friday 13th to come along, but that's what they did, and the best things come to those who wait. Not being a band I'm familiar with, I was unsure what to expect when reading bits of press release and comments and so on, it almost seemed as though they could be some black metal band. Far from it, this is heavy and dark, but in a totally different way.

From new album 'Heavy Weight' is 'Can't Remember The Last Time', a song that is underpinned by a constant drubbing. There's a low, pummelling rumble that runs through the entire song as guitars groan and other instruments screech, but despite that there's nothing you'd describe as conventional drumming until near the end. There doesn't need to be. This track is a rock-solid block of sound that gradually swells from a few strange, weighty noises to even more strange, weighty noises. The vocals sound as though they belong to a nocturnal human. Not in any kind of vampiric way, more in the sense that this isn't a song for the sun, it belongs to the very mysterious and soul-selling foundations that blues and rock and roll were first built on, only here it's brought up to date with a bang. If you want comparisons then you'll struggle. Judging by this song, Wolf & Cub are doing their own thing, and doing it well.

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