Saturday 12 October 2013

Olympia - September

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Notepads at the ready, and we'll reel off all the facts we have about UK band Olympia and their very first song 'September'. Right, we're done now. Oh, they said there'll be more to follow. And um, that's it. Yeah, another one of those mystery emails with no notes other than a band name, a song name and the information that it's their first song and won't be their last. The only web link we have is the SoundCloud one too, and that's an information dead end. We won't even bother to try and find them by typing "Olympia" into a search engine, and "Olympia September" is likely to be just as generic, but we will apologise for being a bit late. The song was sent to us in the month in question, but it will have been joined by over 100 other submissions on the same day so we're only just getting caught up. Our bad.

None of that really matters, the song speaks about it being the end of summer, and that's still relevant. One thing that has got us wondering, is whether or not the members of Olympia have been or are in another band of relative note, because as first songs go this is almost a revelation. We get thousands of "first songs", and none have the vitality, the individuality, the confidence and the general quality of this tune. It does begin in a slightly unassuming manner, with a pounding beat (it's actually a bit like 'Flash' by Queen!), but then they pause, and leap into a chorus that's ready for anything. Radio, festivals, singing along to, sticking on at a club even (well, indie disco type affair at least). In the end it's a swirling cauldron of beats and bass and synths and/or guitars. It's a grand finale to the song and a grand entry to the band, whoever they may be. We await the next mysterious email...

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