Monday 21 October 2013

Echotape - Pushing Your Faith

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Echotape are becoming one of those bands who seem unable to release anything that is nothing but quietly superb. And there newest single 'Pushing Your Faith' is another hit of sonic delight. It's possibly one their most instantly gratifying songs to date. It has a foundation built upon on a near glam-tastic riff, giving the song a groove so strong that it could stop herd of marauding Miley Cyruses at a thousand yards. It nods to BMRC, Depeche Mode and Oasis but stands out from the crowd in its wrap-arounds and ten-inch platforms. Then there is a hook that drops into you and shakes you like a badger playing with Brain May's curly guitar lead.

'Pushing Your Faith' is an enticing, raw manifesto that wakes you up and draws you back into Echotape's marvellous world. The amphetamine-fuelled hit of Joy Division feeding on the carcass of MDMA soaked indie that is 'The Weak' also cannot be ignored and together this is as near perfect a single release that you are going to hear this year.

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Fri, Oct 25, Barfly, London, United Kingdom
Sat, Nov 9, The Cavern, Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom

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