Saturday 12 October 2013

Dark Furs - Concrete Corners

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If you're going to be in a rock band, especially now that we've had fifty years of the things and so many ideas are exhausted or have been repeated to a nauseating extent, then it's probably best to do away with convention a bit. It's unlikely that, in this genre especially, whacking down a 4/4 beat, belting out some vocals, have a reasonably indistinguishable bassline to flesh it out and then stamping some identity down with an elaborate riff (why did people think that the more elaborate or difficult to play the riff was, the better it must be?) is going to cut it any more. L.A.-based band Dark Furs know this, and they also know what bands still make good rock music.

The most immediate comparison that springs to mind is The Duke Spirit, and they're great. So there is a similarity, but Dark Furs are their own band and on 'Concrete Corners' have their own ideas. Sharp, fresh, simple guitar riff: it sounds ace. Vocals that have enough power to carry any song; low, rumbling bass that propels the track instead of sounding stodgy, and drums that were made for a song that contains the line "I march to the beat of my very own drummer". There is a military feel to that beat, so marching isn't out of the question, but sitting back and turning it up loud is a better option. Dark Furs are good guys of the rock scene and are keeping the spirit and the individuality alive. More power to them, not that they need it.

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