Monday 28 October 2013

Constant Supply - 3rd In Line

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This two piece band consisting of James Gillian (vox & guitar), Conal Sweeney (bass) and their digital third member, Drum Machine, hail from the north-west of Ireland and play the kind of rock you expect to hear some DJ blasting out at some sleazy bar at 1am in the morning. They clearly have '90s-influenced alt-rock roots with a clean grunge guitar sound chomping its way through, which you can hear on their latest single release '3rd In Line'. To support this release is their debut album 'The Coast Ain't Clear', recorded with Villagers bloke Tommy Mclaughlin in his Attica studio. The album is drenched in clean layers of guitar and vocals, and a driving bassline backed by the effects of a drum machine.

At first listening to this single it's somewhat reminiscent of the Stone Temple Pilots early recordings, but the drum machine doesn't really have that same impertinence you can quite hear on those early records and just becomes a bit dry and dejected. Thus saying it lacks that hard-hitting backline sound we so love on those classic albums, but this band clearly has the potential to go places and given the airplay they could a achieve good things. I recommend fans of Soungarden, Elliott Smith and Slint take a chance to indulge in Constant Supply.

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