Sunday 27 October 2013

Carousels & Limousines - Alive/ Shape (Demos)

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Occasionally music takes your breath away and makes the hairs on your neck stand up. It's the hit that all of us who are so passionate about music look for. It can come when you least expect it, from the most unlikely corners. But when it hits from a band that already you are a little in love with, the shiver down your spine is that bit deeper. When after a handful of plays it still stimulates you in the same way, then you really are enraptured. This is exactly what 'Alive' by Carousels & Limousines does for you. Carousels have given us two demos that are easily the equal of anything that they have delivered to us so far. 'Alive' is a majestic song of sheer class, grace and epic scope. It tells of being enchanted, bewitched, how someone can complete you for a singular moment. It has a masterful, exquisite restraint that belies the youthfulness of the band, and simply sweeps you up, parts the clouds and bathes you in life-affirming, joyous, golden sunshine. It has a transcendental quality that does not diminish with repeated plays. It embodies the sense of finding your true love in that kiss, hearing your child laugh, singing arms aloft with your best friends as your band plays your song. Bono or Brian Fallon would have given an arm for this song. If there's a complaint, it's that it's over too quickly.

Then we have the punch of 'Shape'. This is a perfect slice of timeless, classic rock. It takes the mantle laid down by '17s' off the debut album and hangs it off the highest rafters. It will have you hoarse from the utterly irresistible chorus, and will be played in court rooms as reason why you have broken the speed limit so many times (and you will be let off). It's full with the same streak of uplifting joy as 'Alive', but is wrapped up with a more raucous plethora of good-time abandonment and some of the best roaring piano laid down since Roy Bittan unploughed us into 'Jungleland'. With these tracks Carousels & Limousines have given us two huge reasons to be excited about their next chapter. It just can't come quickly enough.

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Oct 27 The Fleece w/ Big Country, Bristol, UK
Oct 31 The Nest, Bath, UK

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