Friday 20 July 2012

YUS - Girls

Single review by KevW

It's commonplace nowadays for musicians and bands to offer the public the chance to remix their songs or produce videos for tracks with the winning entry ending up on the final release A great way to interact with fans, discover new talent and make use of the overwhelming amount of technology that half the world now has at its fingertips. Flipping this concept on its head slightly are Gordon Cowie Films and Above The Radio who've teamed up to offer the competition prize of a free video to one lucky artist. The recipient of the award, and now the proud owner of a professionally made promo to accompany one of his songs, is Arizona-based electro-pop artist YUS.

The selected track, 'Girls', is a terrific piece of mid-paced, clumping electronica that will appeal to both pop fans and those whose tastes swing further into edgier territories. The tune's a winner, no question, and the footage filmed to go alongside it is like a mini mystery movie, involving a briefcase whose contents is shrouded in secrecy being handed around in a clandestine manner by a load of uber-cool looking girls, before it gets stolen by a man. Thankfully one of our skateboarding heroines manages to swipe said briefcase back and transport it to its destination and all ends well. Hurrah!

YUS | Girls from Gordon Cowie on Vimeo.

Download 'Girls' and the rest of YUS' album 'Palms' for free from bandcamp

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