Wednesday 18 July 2012

The Raveonettes - She Owns The Streets

Single review by KevW

Aside from the technicolour wonder of their major label album 'Pretty In Black', one generally knows what to expect upon the release of a new album by Danish noise merchants The Raveonettes, yet early indications would hint that forthcoming sixth album 'Observator' might just have a few extra surprises in store. The likelihood of it being an entirely different kettle of fish are small, but by the sounds of things we could be in for a more diverse and possibly even more wonderful set of tunes than usual. Free track 'Observations' married their typically fuzzy guitar with piano and a spacious sound, it wasn't a break from te norm, but it was a variation on it.

The first single proper from the new record is 'She Owns The Streets', a piece of pure ear candy detailing usual dark themes such as drugs and down and outs but with a positive message and by their standards a overwhelmingly sunny outlook. There's far less noise, you can still pick out references such as The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Shangri Las and Buddy Holly but this time they're painted once again in a more colourful production, making this single one of their most 'pop' recordings to date. Never mind the streets, on the strength of this indiepop sounding number, The Raveonettes should own the summer.

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