Sunday 22 July 2012

Allo Darlin' - Europe

Single review by KevW

The next single to be lifted from Allo Darlin''s more grown up but just as endearing second album is the title-track, backed with an alternative version of album track 'Some People Say'. 'Europe' is one of the record's most thoughtful sounding cuts, mixing a whole heap of sentiment with their always enticing indiepop. There's a definite air of triumph about the song, but it feels like triumph over adversity so any joy comes shaded with sadness, and maudlin strings accompany the cries of "this is life, this is living". When it comes to the whole great-tune-with-meaning thing they've absolutely nailed it with this one.

On the flip 'Some People Say' is toned down from how it appears on the LP. Not always a wise move, but given the atmosphere and emotion left by the A-side this paired-down approach works beautifully. There's little more than vocals, a subtle percussive shuffle and quietly picked guitar. "Some people believe you can wish on satellites for your dreams" sums up the sense of realisation that while the world is an amazing place, sometimes things don't quite go as you've planned. The overall impression left by these two songs is one of experience and the maturity that comes with it, which is a fitting metaphor for the band themselves as Allo Darlin' seem to be effortlessly making the transition from quirky young group to accomplished guitar-pop masters.

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