Friday 6 July 2012

Windham Flat - The Runaway

Single review by KevW

A few weeks ago we brought you 'Night And The City', the first in a series of 'Basement Sessions' from San Franciscan garage group Windham Flat, and they've now released the second instalment. Recorded in the space beneath a local laundromat, 'The Runaway' is less immediate than the updated 60's freakbeat of the first episode, but the extra plays needed to let your brain ingest the song properly are softened by the fact that, once again, the song is accompanied by an intimate video of the song being recorded live. in the band's practice space.

Like before the sound is fairly raw and you can trace its roots back to underground bands from the past fifty years, although this time there's a more modern twang to things. If your idea of modern is the 1990s that is. Vocally you could make comparisons to The Smashing Pumpkins and musically there's more of a college rock vibe to 'The Runaway'. The extended length and slower pace might create a different atmosphere to 'Night And The City', yet as follow-ups go it does the job well and shows a slightly different side to the band that newcomers might not have heard. Let's see if they can make it a hat-trick with the next part.

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