Tuesday 17 July 2012

Ramona Falls - Fingerhold

Single review by KevW

Given that Brent Knopf's Ramona Falls project was initially started as a stopgap while work was delayed on his former band Menomena's third album, he's come a considerable way since finally parting company with the Portland outfit. Most recent album 'Prophet' has seen his new band's star rise up and become critically and commercially on a par with his previous group. Although Knopf is the sole permanent member, his recordings often include a large supporting cast and the line-up seems to have settled to a current core of four members. This latest track lifted from their second album certainly sounds like the work of a man with a plan.

'Fingerhold' is a glowering indie-rock track that moves from a brooding piano line and menacing beats and lyrics through to an explosive squall of scorching guitar for the final flourish. It's dark alright, and it squeezes in no small amount of sinister atmosphere. Add to that a disturbing video that's more like the trailer to a psychological sci-fi thriller involving a lesbian love story and some strange experiments and it all makes for a powerful and intense package. Knopf has well and truly stepped out of the shadow of his past group and it looks like their loss will ultimately be our gain.

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