Thursday 19 July 2012

So What Robot - Work & Play

Single review by KevW

This second single from Newcastle spiky indie types So What Robot comes a full year after their debut. So what's changed in that time? Well, first offering 'A Girl Who Reads' was full of promise and built of similarly jerky guitars and vocal yelps to those peddled by their neighbours The Futureheads and their ilk. With a year to refine their music they've not only reappeared sounding tighter and more accomplished, they've also developed a more individual personality. The urgency is still there, those Gang Of Four guitars rear their head from time to time, but the sound is fuller, more eclectic and generally that little bit better all round.

'Work & Play' incorporates more electronics into their fervent post-punk, it verges on funk and is a rare occasion where a slap bass doesn't destroy a song in one fell swoop. You could mention them in the same breath as early Bloc Party, and previous tour buddies Little Comets and Polarsets occupy the same branch on the musical tree. As for the B-sides, 'You Shouldn't Do It' recalls 'Modern Life Is Rubbish' era Blur and is just as hectic and snappy as the lead track. 'Work & Play' gets the remix treatment from Deltasound who underpin it with a persistent beat and some Giorgio Moroder synths as new-wave and disco collide. As a trio of songs go, it's certainly good work and well worth a play.

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