Saturday 14 July 2012

Blank Maps - Blank Maps EP

EP review by KevW

When Ibiza Rocks was started seven years ago the idea was to bring a wider range of musicians to the island for a summer-long festival, adding a diversity to the house and trance fuelled nightlife the island had become famous for. The world of indie/rock/experimental music held weekly events for revellers looking to broaden their palate and broaden the destination's appeal at the same time. Newcastle-based Blank Maps are a band perfectly suited to soundtracking late nights and watching the sun rise in the warm Mediterranean climate, possibly after a couple of sherbet dips. Their debut EP is a heady blend of beats, guitars and melody, ambience, tunes and glitter.

We'll get some reference points out of the way: Blank Maps should be filed next to Friendly Fires, Delphic and Delorean. They write similarly euphoric and universal melodies, guitars are woven through the songs adding a light sparkle of optimism (even though they occasionally sound like U2) and the beats are directly lifted from the chill-out room. 'We Go Way Back' is a steady journey through all the above, growing as cymbals crash softly behind the vocals. Single 'Just Call' is alive with flickering guitar and could find a home on the dance floor and the indie disco alike. 'Further Maths/Projections' is the EP's 'epic' moment and the slow burn works brilliantly. Their maps may be blank but their minds are attempting to take you somewhere else, so the best advice is to sit back and enjoy the ride.

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