Friday 20 July 2012

Band To Check Out: Lilliput

Article by KevW

If it's indie-folk you're after then the North East of England is where to cast your eyes at the moment. As London's nu-folk scene continues to collapse under the weight of its own pretentiousness, the less hipster-led movements become more and more appealing. Sunderland's Lilliput are another name to add to the list of authentic sounding groups leading the area's alternative folk pack. Formed last year, these five guys take their conventional wooden instruments and varnish them with some fine and uplifting harmonies. They also let the songs organically flow wherever the music takes them, no formulas, no traditional structures; you don't even realise that the average track length breaks the five minute barrier.

On 'One Day, Know' they bring in an electric guitar to add depth, resulting in a Neil Young-scented early 70's vibe, before you reach the end the song veers off in another direction altogether, without feeling forced. The fragile opening to 'Until' is steadily fleshed out as the harmonies tell tales of isolation and loss, but also hope. Their crowning moment is probably the aptly named 'Little Wanderer', a song that does indeed meander from the pensive opening bars about "looking out on to the sea" through to the surging second half with its jangling guitars, flipping the song from one of despair to one of love. It's a neat trick, but as first impressions go, you get the feeling that Lilliput are a neat little band.

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  1. Every Uncle 'knob-eds' dream, a good mix of tradition with uniqueness