Tuesday 31 July 2012

Dominic Wolf - Anoesis EP

EP review by KevW

Swiss artist Dominic Wolf both spent time in previous bands before deciding to plot a course for more intimate and acoustic musical dimensions. And so Dominic Wolf and Raul Egger left past projects behind and set sail for these calmer waters. At the turn of the millennium they'd have been lumped into the New Acoustic Movement, five years ago they'd have been described as nu-folk. Label them as you wish, but as you can imagine, these delicate songs consist of little more than acoustic guitar and vocals, and they also shy away from too much fiddling with production equipment, thus creating the intimate and live feeling they were aiming for. It works too, although it's more likeable than life-affirming.

Debut EP 'Anoesis' is available digitally and is guitar music reduced down to its purest form (apart from the piano-led 'Chamber R9'). This approach means they nail the personal touch and these songs sometimes feel as private as reading someone's diary. "We twist, we turn but we never learn" laments the soul-baring 'Cut The Rope', just one of the songs that details relationships falling apart. The touching 'Ghosts' also describes feelings of loss and desperation, but some songs talk of a light at the end of the tunnel, such as the relatively upbeat 'Good Vibes' which promises "someday I'll find a way". This is an EP of good, solid, emotional acoustic tracks. If you're after a bit of vigour then there's none here, but if heartfelt, stripped-back musings are the order of the day then tuck in.

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