Wednesday 11 July 2012

Fierce Creatures - Catacomb Party

Single review by KevW

So the gulf stream has buggered off south for the summer leaving us with nothing but downpours of biblical proportions, but in its place it kindly left us steady flow of Californian bands transporting their sounds across the Atlantic. It's a shame they can't bring their climate with them, although some good music does go a little way towards brightening up the mind if not the skies. Fierce Creatures came together in 2009 following various members' spells in other bands where the pieces of the puzzle never quite fitted. They've had more luck this time around and following a couple of EPs they're readying their debut album for an August release with this title-track as the lead single.

Any parent will tell you that a 'Catacomb Party' would be a great idea. Send them off in there for a game of hide and seek and you'll be in peace for hours, although we're guessing that's not what the song's about. What this track is about is lots and lots of mild distortion. Buzzy guitars, fizzing percussion and vague and floaty vocals wrapped in a shroud of hazy effects. Even with this amount of fuzzy noise going on 'Catacomb Party' manages to soar with hope and optimism thanks to a king-sized portion of melody and some background twinkles. It's where lo-fi meets high hopes and it's a great place to be. It would sound brilliant in the sun, so lets hope we've got some to enjoy the album in next month.

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