Friday 13 July 2012

Pale Sunday - Fake Stories About Me And You

EP review by KevW

Brazilian indiepop masters Pale Sunday offer up four splendid examples of their genre with new EP 'The Fake Stories About You And Me'. The list of references and bands they recall might be a long one but they choose their influences well and write songs that would brighten up a lot of the records they've evolved from.
'Happy (When You Lived Here)' is a typical fey, floppy-fringed jangle that might as well have been written in a Glasgow bedsit in 1986. The melody could be lifted from an early Belle & Sebastian track, it's a song that spans generations of guitar-pop and you'll find echoes of your favourite Swedish, C86-influenced group in there - whoever they might be.

There's a touch more muscle on 'About Your Life' and the guitars, with something almost approaching a riff,  are allowed to buzz like Teenage Fanclub with softer vocals. 'That's The Way' is maybe the least impressive until it unveils a chorus that lifts the whole song. Perfect EP closing material is delivered with the maudlin 'The Winter Song' with its sentimental lyrics and crisply strummed guitar, later to be joined by subtle strings, just enough to take things up a notch or two. You can definitely see where the Wannadies comparisons come from, and if you only know them for 'You & Me Song' then you're truly missing out and need to investigate further. After you've given this Pale Sunday EP a few dozen plays that is.

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